Delivery in one piece...

From: Elaine Hunt (elaine.hunt@ces.clemson)
Date: Thu Jun 26 1997 - 15:05:05 EEST

>find that our precious jewel has arrived at its destination damaged,
>client, but we were wondering whether anyone out there has solved the
>piece. One SB I saw sprays polystyrene foam over the model in a box, but
>I would think that might create problems when "de-foaming" the object >later.

Early in 1990 I had a set of models that had to be shipped to Europe for a
major presentation. Having the parts arrive in perfect shape meant our
industrial partner would have a working model to demomstrate their new
design. However the 5081 resin produced models that shattered with minimum
rough handling.

My solution? Wrap each piece in bubble wrap and place inside a plastic
bag...foam insulation was sprayed into a box to form a base to cradle the
parts... parting lines were formed with other plastic bags and then the box
was filled with more foam. Having the models arrive intact was more
important than the time spent removing the insulation from the box.

When the situation is critical a few minutes more....becomes meaningless.
Success was a $30 million contract....the foam was less than 5 bucks.
I packed details of how the box was packed so that the person opening the
box did not just hack away and do damage upon arrival.


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