Delivery in one piece...

Date: Thu Jun 26 1997 - 15:51:38 EEST

A supplier of foam-in-place packaging equipment and material is:

  Sealed Air Corp, Engineered Products Div.
  Phone: 203-791-3550 Fax: 203-791-3618

Typically, the foam is squirted into a plastic bag and allowed to expand
around the object. Usually this requires at least 2 bags, one on the bottom
and one on top. If the object is very fragile, or has small features that
could be damaged when removed from the foam, it may require some extra
packaging. This has worked well for our production work and should work
well for your application. We had a wood chair, packed with this stuff, fall
off of a truck at 50mph. It not only survived the fall, but had zero damage.

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