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From: john c. noel (
Date: Thu Jun 26 1997 - 13:19:22 EEST

> this is an interesting application of RP. was the model made to show
> the damaged bone structure using CAT or similar data? other interesting
> applications could include reconstructing archeological and paleontological
> finds out of fragmented remains. i've read with interest the recent
> exchange of notes on converting CAT (computerized axial tomography) and MRI
> (magnetic resonance imaging) data to .stl and CAD databases.
> mike doty
> > From: (Ian Gibson)
> > How about the case a few months ago concerning the boy requiring an rp model
> > to aid in facial reconstruction surgery?

        I just found rp-ml this past week and have been sorting through
archives the last few days and I guess this post is as good as time as
any to jump into the discusion.

        Actually this type of work has been going on for quite some time
I am very new to the rp industry, but in the few months that I have been
working here, we have produced 10 models which all have been used for
medical evaluation. Pre-operative planning and aiding in prothesis
manufacturing being the major uses. In the past, data translation,
which makes modeling possible, has been done through Noel Laboratory for
archeological purposes at UTexas, Austin.

        Models can be made through CT and MRI data, though the CT data
better models for the representation of hard tissue.

        Like I said, though I am new, the idea is not and medical models
been made out of here as far back as 1992.

        I look forward to the discussion on this ml, as I have found rp
to be
an exciting industry to be involved with.

        We have a web page, under construction though, so not everything
is up
and running.

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