FDM Stratasys Mainyenance & Support

From: interact (interact_plastic@compuserve.com)
Date: Fri Jun 27 1997 - 08:05:30 EEST

Hi fellow rper's,
Could anyone who currently owns and operates a Stratasys 1650 tell me wha=
the current cost per annum that they are paying for maintenance and suppo=
as we feel that the cost submitted to us seems to be very high.
Also have you had any troubles with the stepper motors in the head, as we=

have replaced 3 in under 12 Months and are now told that warranty on thes=
is only 4 Months, we have offered our reasons as to the cause but have ha=
no acceptable feedback. Our Machine is just over 12 months old.
Your feedback would be greatly appreciated.


John Croft
e-mail interact_plastic@compuserve.com

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