Re: 3D to Acquire EOS

From: David Retallick (
Date: Fri Jun 27 1997 - 17:29:10 EEST

Yakov Horenstein wrote:
> At 16:54 -0400 26/6/97, Terry T. Wohlers wrote:
> >In a very recent press release, 3D Systems announced that they
> >are in discussions to acquire a majority interest in EOS GmbH.
> I guess this makes sense:
> EOS gets the US market, 3D gets sintering technology, and the two stop
> bickering. Could be worse...

Sorry folks, I am probably about to open my mouth and put my foot in it
again, but I canīt resist...
First to Terry, many thanks for the info, it cleared up a few unanswered
questions, produced wobbly knees, anger and relief.

Now to Yakow:
1) EOS only gets the US market if the 500 is replaced by the MAX, if
not, what happens to the EOS STL-team?
2) I donīt know whether you raelize this, but the "bickering" between 3D
and EOS led to unexpected quantum leaps in the STL technology. A
monopoly on the other hand produces nothing new.
3) Sintering; 3D now bickers with DTM. Good!, at last 2 equal partners.
Is 3D going to pull the know-how back to Valencia or leave it (and
develop it) in Munich?

I rather expected a response from 3D, or at least from EOS, any takers?

David Retallick (observer)
Retallick Systems

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