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Date: Fri Jun 27 1997 - 21:08:15 EEST

On Thu, 26 Jun 1997 wrote:
> Peter Gien mentioned a laser cutting technique in an email message .
> ...
> I have heard of this technique and I understand the general principle.
> I would like to find more information about it. Is anyone presently using this
> technique? Is it patented? Can I buy software to this?

Dear Nick,

     There seems to be some confusion here because Peter said he was
talking about Contour Crafting, which has nothing to do with cutting.
However, Offset Fabrication, under development and patented by Ennex
Fabrication, does use angled cutting, either by a knife of by laser. A
brief description of the technology is attached below.

Best regards,
Marshall Burns

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--------------------------------------- attachment:

A New Fabricator Technology . . .


     An Offset Fabricator turns the process of automated fabrication
inside-out in order to simplify and speed it up. An Offset Fabricator
breaks up the fabrication process into two separate steps: the formation
of a sequence of thin patterns representing cross sections of the desired
object to be built, and the successive bonding of these patterns to one
another to form the required shape and structure. Offset Fabrication
takes advantage of mature two-dimensional technologies from the printing,
surface marking, and book-binding industries in order to do its
three-dimensional magic with precision, speed, and amazing economy.

     An Offset Fabricator brings a whole set of operating advantages to
the fabricator industry that were previously unheard of:
          * The speed of working with preformed sheet materials and
running parallel pattern formation and bonding stages.
          * Material versatility, allowing fabrication in plastics,
metals, ceramics, and advanced composites, either one at a time or
          * A clean, dry operating environment, allowing the formation of
hollow voids and the embedding or casting of variegated materials into the
fabricated structure in process.
          * The ability to scale the process up to build very large
objects. Large objects can be made in thicker materials with angled edges,
allowing very high-speed and smooth-surfaced fabrication.

     The Offset Fabrication process has been implemented in a working
prototype called the Genie(TM) Prototype Fabricator, named for the mythical
Arabic deity that could grant the object of any desire to its owner. The new
fabricator technology has been under development for over four years by
Ennex Fabrication Technologies, an innovative technology development
company dedicated to fabricators and their applications. Ennex Fabrication
was founded by Marshall Burns, an internationally recognized authority on
fabricators, author of Automated Fabrication (Prentice Hall, 1993), and a
keynote speaker in the U.S., Europe, and Japan. Ennex Fabrication is
seeking development partners and flagship customers to help it take this
important new technology to the next stage.

     For further information, contact

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The Offset Fabrication process and mechanism are covered by U.S. patent
number 5,514,232 and other U.S. and international patents applied for.
"Offset Fabrication," "Genie," and "Fabricating the Future" are
trademarks of Ennex Fabrication Technologies. "Ennex" is a trademark
of Ennex Corp., used under license.

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