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From: michael rees (
Date: Fri Jun 27 1997 - 21:12:38 EEST

Dear RPML,

Thanks Marshall for your post.

As to the weird stuff. Yes, I'm a surrealist and the work is a little
obtuse, obscure even. I'm working on that. It does need to be more
accesible! But as to weird--all of us in rp trying to make reality out
of language (all be it digital) --now thats weird. It reminds me of the
wonderful image in Gullivers Travels about the academics with the
automatic language machine--a precursor to computers? ANd to RP.

Also for another historical reference has anyone read about Alberti
(inventor of perspective) and his miracle box? It reminds one that
despite our techno hubris we are playing out the ideas of 500 years

I am really pleased to be involved in such an exciting industry and to
contribute as I can.

Thanks to all those who have helped: especially Kelly Hand and Allen
Nakasato at Satelite models; Paul Britt at Prototype Specialists; and
many others that I cannot yet mention.

Especially thanks to all those who had an idea in their head and a
monkey wrench in their back pocet(in this case a laser).


michael rees
1212 w 8th St. Bldg B #2, 
KC, Mo 64101
816 753 3020 v 816 753 1542 f

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