Scandinavian Conference and Exhibition

Date: Mon Jun 30 1997 - 16:30:35 EEST

Dear Fellow RP'er,

We at DTI, take the liberty to send you the first announcement of an RP confer
ence. The programme is as follows in this mail, but also included as a WordPer
fect document for your (possible) convenience.

Best regards
On behalf of Niels Moos and Bent Mieritz

Karsten Lumbye Jensen

Scandinavian Conference and Exhibition
First Announcement - Preliminary Programme

12th and 13th November 1997
Danish Technological Institute
Aarhus, Denmark

Conference Programme
(the conference will be in English Language)
1. Introduction to Rapid Tooling
        Overview of the different tooling techniques

2. Hard Tooling >>>>> Plastic Prototypes

            Plastic injected prototypes in less than 5 days
            ----- Aluminium casted toolings made by Rubber Plaster Moulding

            Plastic injected prototypes in less than 3 weeks
             ----- Steel casted tooling made by Investment Casting
             ----- Metal powder casted tooling - Keltool

            Plastic injected prototypes of big parts
            ------ Laser cut sheet laminated tooling
            ------ Epoxy casted tooling

3. Soft Tooling >>>>>>> Plastic Prototypes

             Polyurethane prototypes
             ----- Vacuum casting in silicone rubber moulds
             ------ RIM prototypes

4 Direct Tooling >>>>>> Plastic Prototypes

Plastic injected prototypes in less than 3 days
              ----- Selective laser sintering of a metal powder, making toolin
g inserts

              Plastic injected prototypes in less than 2 days
              ----- Making tooling inserts in the SLA machine - Direct AIM

5. Metal Prototypes

             Investment casting of steel and metal parts

             Spin casting of zinc parts
             Sand casting of steel and metal parts

             Die casting of zinc and aluminium parts
             ----- Rapid tooling casted inserts for die casting

             Sheet metal forming using Rapid Prototyping Techniques

6. Metal Spraying of Tool Steel

       ----- Sheet metal forming tools

       ----- Plastic blow moulding tools

7. Reverse Engineering

       ----- State of the Art in 3D Scanning

       ------ Applications in tooling

8. High Speed Milling

        ----- State of the Art in Tooling

9. Industrial Cases
Exhibition will illustrate the complete process chain from CAD to finished too
Will be open on both days

Further Information:
        Danish Technological Institute
        Centre for Product Development FAX (+45) 8943 8425
        Teknologiparken - DK8000 Aarhus C
        Bent Mieritz, head of centre, phone (+45) 8943 8410
        Niels Moos, chief consultant, phone (+45) 8943 8412

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