Info wanted on Quadrax

From: Elaine Hunt (elaine.hunt@ces.clemson)
Date: Mon Jun 30 1997 - 14:48:12 EEST

>Does anyone out there have any information on the Quadrax Laser
>Technologies stereolithography machines? Were any machines sold
>commercially before their technology was acquired by 3D Systems?
>I'm especially interested in the recoating technique that they used. Did
>the recoating arm spray fresh resin onto the previous layer, or was it
>more of a 'curtain' of resin falling onto it? What were the layer
>thicknesses used?
>Any references with desciptions of the recoating mechanism would be
>greatly appreciated.>

Two Quadrax systems were sold. One was sold to Magna Engineering in Ft.
Walton Greg Medla at 904-243-9599....Greg can supply all
the answers you may have concerning the process and machine operation. He
does not have an email address. Greg was also in the first 3D systems
training class representing General Motors.

When 3D Systems won it's lawsuit against Quadrax they also acquired the
patents that Quadrax possessed including the re-coating process. You may
wish to contact 3D Systems concerning the process.

just a bit of history.....

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