RP Demos and Utilities CD Donation for Universities

From: Karl R. Denton (karl@dentonco.com)
Date: Mon Jun 30 1997 - 19:46:11 EEST

Hell to the RP community...

Denton and Company has decided to donate a box (contains 50 CDs) of the RP Demos and Utilities CD to Universities and schools that have an interest in Rapid Prototyping. To get a box please FAX the shipping address and to whom the box will be shipped, to 810-366-9247. The request MUST be on University/school letter head and signed by the requester. To those of you outside of the US the offer stands but you will be required to pay for shipping (sorry about this!) (this includes Canada). The CD has some great utilities and .stl files and is a great give away for students that want to learn more.

Please no-reselling of the CD and by faxing back the request you agree that you will not.

For questions regarding this please call 810-366-9246. Once again the request MUST be faxed on letter head, do not email a request as it will be discarded.

Happy RPing

Karl R. Denton
Denton and Company, Inc.

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