DTM's Sandform or EOS's DCP Process

From: Somsel, Jim P. (JPS@nts02.orbeng.com.au)
Date: Tue Jul 01 1997 - 01:28:45 EEST

Greetings RPer's,

I'm looking for comments from people with experience using DTM's
Sandform process or the comparable DCP (direct croning process) process
from EOS in Europe. The above two systems sinter resin coated sand into
sand casting cores and molds. I am intrigued by this method because it
allows aluminum casting in small batches that is virtually identical to
production casting in high volumes.

I've not had a lot of luck contacting SLS or casting service bureaus in
the US. The same goes for from DTM, as it seems their sandform module
hasn't really gained acceptance with SLS users. I guess they are not
even marketing the product anymore.

I would appreciate any information on the subject.

Thanks for your help.

Jim Somsel
Orbital Engine Company U.S.A., Inc.
(517) 423-1570
(517) 423-5744 fax

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