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From: Yakov Horenstein (yakov@planet.it)
Date: Tue Jul 01 1997 - 21:46:01 EEST

Hi all,

With apologies to Terry and all those who don't like long postings, here is
notice that virtual prototyping is just around the corner


(STEREOGRAPHICS) StereoGraphics Delivers 3D Visualization
  Capabilities to Product Design and Prototyping Professionals using
  SDRC I-DEAS Master Series 5; Stereoscopic virtual prototyping
  enhances designers' ability to create, simulate, build and test
  products in a single stereo-3D environment using SGI Workstations,
  SDRC's I-DEAS Master Series 5 software and StereoGraphics

      SAN RAFAEL, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--July 1,
  1997--StereoGraphics, the world's leading developer of 3D viewing
  peripherals, today announced that SDRC's I-DEAS Master Series 5
  mechanical CAD/CAM/CAE software will now support the interactive
  display of stereoscopic images in conjunction with StereoGraphics'
  CrystalEyes eyewear. StereoGraphics CrystalEyes is the most widely
  used 3D visualization hardware tool in use today for design,
  simulation and modeling. Combined with the powerful capabilities
  of SDRC's I-DEAS Master Series software and SGI workstations, users
  have an unparalleled design and digital prototyping environment.

      "The ability to rapidly prototype, document, modify and
  simulate product design and function is the biggest contributor to
  fast time-to-market," said Robert Seltzer, director of sales and
  marketing for StereoGraphics Corp. "Using I-DEAS Master Series and
  CrystalEyes takes this process to new levels of efficiency by
  allowing designers to see their work in a high-resolution,
  stereoscopic 3D setting."

      Today, CrystalEyes is supported directly by all SGI
  workstations, including the Octane and Indigo2 Impact and Onyx 2
  family of computers. Additionally, stereoscopic imaging support
  has long been a trademark feature of Silicon Graphics' visual
  computing capabilities in the scientific and commercial markets.
  SGI's support for CrystalEyes brings it into a leadership position
  for visual computing and manufacturing design.


"Manufacturers can use these
  tools to significantly reduce the design cycle and put products on
  the market sooner because of their ability to visualize designs
  before prototypes are created."

      StereoGraphics CrystalEyes is a lightweight, wireless eyewear
  system that delivers high-definition, stereoscopic 3D images in
  conjunction with compatible software and standard workstation
  displays. CrystalEyes allows professionals dealing with multi-
  dimensional data to visualize problems and analyze information more
  quickly and effectively.

      Many common software applications used in mechanical CAD,
  molecular modeling, GIS/mapping and medical imaging support
  StereoGraphics' CrystalEyes on all major UNIX platforms and Windows
  NT workstations. With StereoGraphics' CrystalEyes and SDRC I-DEAS
  Master Series 5 software, engineers can produce realistic views of
  their models with accurate height, width and depth, eliminating
  costly and time-consuming physical prototyping.

      "SDRC's I-DEAS Master Series software products are at the
  forefront of design technology," said William Carrelli, vice
  president of field marketing for SDRC. "The addition of support
  for stereoscopic viewing and StereoGraphics' CrystalEyes delivers
  an important visualization element that will enable our customers
  running on SGI platforms to gain significant benefits in the
  digital design and prototyping process."

      By providing data in a digital master-model environment,
  designers can use I-DEAS Master Series to create, document, test,
  and modify and prototype products concurrently. This allows
  manufacturers to develop and evaluate multiple design concepts so
  that the final product more closely matches customer expectations.

      StereoGraphics Corp. was founded in 1980 to provide a variety
  of products that enable the realistic viewing of three-dimensional
  video and computer images. StereoGraphics products utilize
  stereoscopic human depth perception to deliver natural looking 3D
  in high-resolution for a variety of professional workstation and
  consumer applications. CrystalEyes, StereoGraphics' flagship
  product, has an installed base of over 50,000 users in scientific
  visualization, GIS/mapping, molecular modeling, CAD/CAM, and
  commercial presentation. With SimulEyes, StereoGraphics offers
  affordable 3D eyewear for the PC gaming and multimedia markets.
  StereoGraphics' address is 2171 E. Francisco Blvd., San Rafael,
  CA., 94901.

        CONTACT: StereoGraphics
                 Editorial - Carol Nash, Sterling Communications
                 Email - cnash@sterlingpr.com
                 Phone - 408/441-4100, FAX 408/441-4101
                 Product - Andy Ramm, StereoGraphics
                 Email - aramm@crystaleye.com
                 Phone - 415/459-4500, FAX 415/459-3020

Yakov Horenstein
Milano, Italy

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