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From: David Retallick (
Date: Wed Jul 02 1997 - 19:55:55 EEST

David Retallick wrote:

> "Is a rapid prototyping machine a machine tool or does it enjoy a
> category of its own?"

Ok, folks, I guess I owe you an explanation. There are 2 trade fairs
coming up in Germany in September (EMO) and December (EUROMOLD), both
critically important for us. (RP-world).
The first fair has a restriction for exhibitors, (this means
manufacturers AND agents!) and prohibits the appearance of
EMO-exhibitors at any other fair in Germany this year. This was to me
unbelievable and my first thought was to boycott the EMO, because I for
one cannot support restrictive practices. The odd thing is rhat I would
probably be on my todd. Others exhibit without protest or have not read
the small print.

My second thought was, as this only applies to machine tools, then call
RP machines someting else and exhibit anyway. argue about the principles

If my supplier exhibits at the EMO, and I appear as an agent at the
Euromold, apparently 2 things are possible:
a) my stand is closed at the Euromold or,
b) We are excluded from participation at further EMO´s

What do you people think about this? I am prepared to fight, but not

David Retallick, Retallick Systems, Germany

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