Monitoring system for RP machines

From: Jos Deschagt (
Date: Thu Jul 03 1997 - 21:00:05 EEST

Dear RP world,

SYMORE NV has developed a fully integrated monitoring system for your rapid prototyping machines. Our RPWW ('Rapid Prototyping Web Watch') offers you basically four centralized utilities:
- monitoring of your machines by means of cameras. You can look 'inside' your machines and watch how your parts are being built.
- monitoring the control PC next to your machine, so you stay updated on the status of your machine at the moment: i.e. which layer it is working on at the moment.
- a built-in planning system
- a telephone system: When the part is finished the system will fax, call or page you or a machine operator. Hence no time is lost and productivity is optimized.
With the RPWW you can monitor your machines from anywhere in the office (via Intranet) or from your home (Internet of modem).
The features all are built into one central server PC to which up to 16 channels can be connected. This means you need only one RPWW for 8 RP machines ( 1 camera + 1 screengrabber). The planning system can be accessed by anybody in your production unit. Changes are immediately updated in the pc. There's no need for disturbing phone calls to warn everybody about last minute changes. Just logon to you server and get informed.
The RPWW is in fact suitable for monitoring virtually any machine (CNC, milling, cutting,...)
If you surf to '' you get a demo of the possibilities of the RPWW. You can see the planner, the camera and the control PC.
If you want more information, just mail, fax or call me.

Jos Deschagt
Symore NV
Tel: +32 16 298385
Fax: +32 16 298319

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