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Date: Mon Jul 07 1997 - 18:28:05 EEST wrote:
> I am seeking individuals with information or knowledge of RP systems making
> operators and surrounding workers ill in any way. If you know anyone or have
> the slightest bit of info please return this message as soon as possible.
> Hunches welcome.

Although I have not developed a spinal "hunch" :-) I am the
self-proclaimed poster child for stereolithography resin safety.
Although I worked with acrylate SL resins for years, I was immediately
allergic to SL epoxy resins. Symtoms include itching, skin rashes,
localized skin swelling and skin cracking. If you work with ANY
chemical, repeated dermal and/or respiratory exposure MAY (and likely
will) result in chemical sensitization. This is irreversible. Yet, lab
procedures exist to permit me to work with SL epoxy resins on a daily

Since you did not specify any particular RP system, I am not sure what
in particular you are looking for. I can offer you our SL
Laboratory safety manual for downloading at I also have a "safety video"
which can be borrowed for copying. The video deals with personal
protective equipment I use to eliminate resin exposure. This was
presented at the 1997 North American 3D System's SL User's Group in
Orlando, Florida. Video copying is on an "Honor System" as I have only
2 copies which float around the USA (or further?) from company to
company. Recently, 3D Systems obtained a copy and may distribute upon
request. The contact there is Nina Bach, 3D Systems Education Center,
(+1) 805-295-2600.

Although epoxies (in all forms) are known dermal sensitizers, they can
be safely handled with appropriate personal protective equipment and
proper work habits.

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