Re(2): 3D-Systems Actua

Date: Mon Jul 07 1997 - 19:04:32 EEST

Dear Kai
Maybe you can compare the Actua's performance with Sanders and others such as
Denken system in Japan.
As a Japanese service bureau, we, Shonan also watch the trend or potentiality
of deks top plotter.

Masuo Namme, Shonan Design CoLtd
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>We are a distributor for 3D Systems' Actua in the United States. I can
>tell you that after being in the RP industry for 9+ years, this is one
>of the most exciting developments.
>I believe (IMHO) that Actua is addressing a much needed "missing link"
>between design and RP. That is, all of the up-front concept design
>work has not been able to fully access RP because of cost and time. Too
>often, we wait until the design is (nearly) fully mature before
>accessing RP. Typically this happens when a designer is very close to
>releasing the tooling order.
>What about all the time spent up-front, getting the design to that
>point? Here is where Actua really is significant. The machine is
>designed to go directly into an office environment - no need for a lab.
>Designers/Engineers access the machine over a network - just like a
>color plotter, printer, etc.
>Think what this means. An engineer can "print" the results of his/her
>days work EVERY SINGLE DAY, if wanted. Actua's speed and cost make
>that a reality.
>This truely is a new paradigm for RP. Many in the industry feel that the
>concept/office modeler will be as big (or bigger) than the traditional
>forms of RP today. It will be interesting to see what developes.
>Best Regards,
>Brad Fox
>Rapid Design Technologies
>Ph: 612/882-4660
>Kai Uwe Koch wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I am looking for information about 3D-Systems Actua-machine. I only know
>> the offical 3D-Web-Site and that one or two machines are located in
>> Germany.
>> How many systems are shipped? How does the parts look? Have anyone
>> experience with the Actua?
>> Thanks
>> Kai
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