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Date: Tue Jul 08 1997 - 15:10:05 EEST

Brad Fox

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 This truely is a new paradigm for RP. Many in the industry feel that the
 concept/office modeler will be as big (or bigger) than the traditional
 forms of RP today. >>

and {for the reasons Elaine and Michael point out}, it'll spread way beyond
offices - even to schools, museums, and corner copy/print shops.

 << It will be interesting to see what developes. >>

Especially the evolutionary interaction of easier and cheaper
three-dimensional printing with easier and cheaper three-dimensional software
- with easier and cheaper three-dimensional scanning - with an increasing
variety of materials (even metals, ceramics, etc?). We'll see the same "kit
of tools" evolve together in 3-D as in 2-D.

Of course dry and easy two-dimensional copying/printing has had tremendous
impact and has created a remarkable industry. When you consider the
importance people place on OBJECTS, though, the potential boggles the mind.
 Not just engineers' and architects' models, but objects for everyday
functions - from children's toys, to refrigerator magnets, to dream-house
models, to archaeological replicas, to sculpture, etc., etc.

The big question is: When?

Norm Kinzie

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