Epoxy Resins

From: Christopher Jelley (cscapi@globalnet.co.uk)
Date: Tue Jul 08 1997 - 18:55:13 EEST


I've been reading up on the reasons behind, and the history of the
development of the Epoxy resins for SLA's and I came across the following
list in a paper by Max Hunziker, Adran Schulthess and Manfred Hofmann from
Ciba regarding the suitability of radically- (Acrylate-based) or
cationically- (Epoxy or Vinylether- based) polymerized resins for individual

                Concept models, visualization R (C)
                Form, fit and function R,C
                Tooling Applications, high precision C
                Investment Casting C, (R)
                Medical Applications R

I guess the brackets () mean that use of this kind of resin is possible but
not recommended. My question is threefold:

        (i) Is this list still accurate or do some additions changes need to
be made ?

        (ii) Why are cationic resins (i.e. Epoxies) not suitable for medical
applications ?

        (iii) Who uses the acrylates any more and why, will they ultimately
disappear as concept modellers become more widely used ?

As usual any comments welcome.


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