From: Kevin Robertson (
Date: Wed Jul 09 1997 - 02:19:46 EEST

Two Questions:

1) 3-D Systems NASUG recently sent out a ballot regarding Incorporation of
the group. This seems like a fairly straightforward transaction. However I
would be interested in hearing any feedback or discussion that may point out
negative ramifications before casting a ballot.

2) There have been a few postings regarding desk top modeling and the
tremendous market potential that exists for such a product. If such a market
exists wouldn't you be seeing major players such as Kodak, Xerox or Hewlett
Packard creating these products? I'm curious as to the thoughts of the group
on where this demand is going to be satisfied, the existing RP companies or
a major corporation. Maybe such a product is being developed by the larger
corporations, but I'm not aware of this. If it is not being developed, maybe
the demand is being exaggerated?


Kevin Robertson
ARRK-San Diego, CA

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