Re: desktop modelling and big players

From: Peter Sullivan (
Date: Wed Jul 09 1997 - 06:56:35 EEST

Kevin Robertson wrote:
> Two Questions:
> 1) 3-D Systems NASUG recently sent out a ballot regarding Incorporation of
> the group. This seems like a fairly straightforward transaction. However I
> would be interested in hearing any feedback or discussion that may point out
> negative ramifications before casting a ballot.
> 2) There have been a few postings regarding desk top modeling and the
> tremendous market potential that exists for such a product. If such a market
> exists wouldn't you be seeing major players such as Kodak, Xerox or Hewlett
> Packard creating these products? I'm curious as to the thoughts of the group
> on where this demand is going to be satisfied, the existing RP companies or
> a major corporation. Maybe such a product is being developed by the larger
> corporations, but I'm not aware of this. If it is not being developed, maybe
> the demand is being exaggerated?
> Regards,
> Kevin Robertson
> ARRK-San Diego, CA

I believe IBM was trying to develop and market such a product as many as
3 year ago. Unfortunately they stepped on a Stratasys patent I believe,
and the result is the Genisys (sp?) -though it is a rarely mentioned
this beast on this listserve.

Peter Sullivan

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