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Date: Wed Jul 09 1997 - 17:47:32 EEST

Kevin Robertson wrote:

> 1) 3-D Systems NASUG recently sent out a ballot regarding Incorporation of
> the group. This seems like a fairly straightforward transaction. However I
> would be interested in hearing any feedback or discussion that may point out
> negative ramifications before casting a ballot.

Accompanying the ballot should have beeen a letter from Rob Connelly, President
of the 3DNASUG. The User Group was formed years ago, but was not
incorproated.....and is NOT TAX-EXEMPT. So, we have to dissolve and incorporate
to achieve non-profit orginizational status with the IRS. Further, incorporation
limits legal liability on behalf of the executive officers. I kind-of like that
one as Secretary (Administrative Assistant) of the 3DSNAS User Group.

A "no" vote leaves the User Group the same. This keeps the user group taxable
and subsequently diverts funds from membership benefits (lower fees, proceedings
publication, mailings, etc) to pay taxes. A "no" vote also leaves the executive
committee officers somewhat vulnerable to legal obligations (whatever that might
be) since the group is not incorporated.

If you are eligible (attended the 1997 User Group) you should have received your
letter, ballot and an announcement for the 1998 User Group in San Antonio, Texas
March 1-5, 1998. Vote YES, vote NOW!! Any questions, please call me!

Steve Deak
1998 3DSNASUG Secretary

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