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Date: Wed Jul 09 1997 - 15:45:30 EEST

At 04:19 PM 7/8/97 -0700, Kevin Robertson wrote:
>Two Questions:
>1) 3-D Systems NASUG recently sent out a ballot regarding Incorporation of
>the group. This seems like a fairly straightforward transaction. However I
>would be interested in hearing any feedback or discussion that may point out
>negative ramifications before casting a ballot.

There are no negative ramifications that I can think of....I put my machine
serial numbers on my ballot so they know we are truly a 3D owner. The
Incorporation is a legal act that insures the group will continue to exist.
It also means the group has far outgrown the founding members vision. In
today's world any "group' should be chartered under legal council.

>exists wouldn't you be seeing major players such as Kodak, Xerox or Hewlett
>Packard creating these products? I'm curious as to the thoughts of the group

I have been extremely disappointed in seeing IBM, TI, and Dupont shy away
from continuing to develop their initial RP products. The bottom line
effects internal R&D which does not bode well for "big" business supplying
break through technology. Kodak, Baxter, Ford, GM, and Chrysler are very
active in helping system and application development...wish others would
take note and act according.......... I could name a few but will resist
that urge......

Stratasys did purchase IBM's patents and RP group so the technology is now
in the market place (Genisys). AAREOFLEX and Tegin Seki has rights to
Dupont's technology so we may eventually see it blossom. DTM played around
with TI's technology but returned it back to TI.

You ask if the vision of desktop systems were so great...where is everybody?
The same place everybody was when the 'desktop' computer came
out.....sitting in a controlled atmosphere room, air conditioned, typing on
a terminal, saying "who would want that toy?"

I report only what I can see from where I sit. I see many needs that could
be met by desktop systems but if I were somewhere else.... my vision could
be distorted by job function and imagination. The desktop 3d printer
should be the hot Christmas present of choice by 2015. Like candy and
flowers..I'll take mine now....


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