Press Release:DTM Distributes Deskartes' Rapidshell Software

Date: Thu Jul 10 1997 - 20:10:46 EEST

     Developed for Casting Applications, Shelling Software Offered to all
     Users of the Company's Sinterstation(R) Systems for Rapid Prototyping
     Austin, Texas July 9, 1997: DTM Corporation announced today that
     it has entered into a distribution agreement with DeskArtes, Oy, of
     Helsinki, Finland and DeskArtes North America, a division of NEST
     Technologies, of Studio City, CA. As part of this agreement, DTM
     Corporation will offer certain modules of DeskArtes' Rapid Tools
     Software to its current and future Sinterstationr System users
     worldwide. DTM is the developer of the SLS(R) Selective Laser
     Sintering process and manufacturer of the Sinterstation family of
     rapid prototyping systems.
     The specific software modules to be offered by DTM include: Rapid
     Editor, Rapid Offset, and Rapid Refine. These three modules will be
     combined into a shelling software bundle to be named RapidShell and
     offered to DTM customers. The RapidShell product is being recommended
     to all users of DTM's TrueForm(TM) PM Polymer, a sintering powder used
     to produce shelled patterns for the investment casting process.
     Within the investment casting process, shelling is used to minimize
     material shrinkage or distortion in certain features or geometry of
     the pattern or part. Producing a shelled TrueForm pattern with the
     RapidShell process involves creating a thin outer shell of the pattern
     which contains unsintered TrueForm material within its exterior
     boundary. The outer surface of the part remains unchanged. The shell
     thickness can be defined by the user, but is typically .75 mm (0.030
     The two major benefits of using the RapidShell software when building
     patterns for investment casting are:
      improved dimensional accuracy, as a result of minimizing the amount
     of material sintered
      increase in build speed and machine throughput for parts with large
     cross sections.
     According to Margo Myers, DTM's Product Marketing Manager, "Our goal
     is to provide our customers with total solutions for their rapid
     prototyping requirements. We evaluated a number of other part
     shelling techniques, but selected the DeskArtes' product due to its
     intuitive user interface and reliability compared to other software
     packages. Our evaluations indicate that use of the RapidShell
     software, in association with our TrueForm casting material, yield
     dimensionally superior parts for most geometries."
     TrueForm PM Polymer, released by DTM in 1996, is an acrylic-based
     polymer designed for creating parts with superior feature and edge
     definitions and extremely smooth surface finishes. The material, used
     as a pattern, is compatible with the standard investment casting
     DTM's patented Sinterstation Systems process a range of materials
     including: engineering plastics, thermoplastic elastomers, sand
     casting materials, and metal. Currently, there are eight commercially
     available, powdered materials: polycarbonate, two nylons,
     ProtoForm(TM) Nylon Composite, RapidSteel(TM), TrueForm, SandForm(TM),
     and SOMOS(R) 201 Polymer. These advanced rapid prototyping materials
     were developed and optimized for use in the SLS process to support
     three critical areas in the product development process: functional
     models, prototype manufacturing, and manufacturing.
     RapidShell is a portion of DeskArtes' extensive Rapid Tools software
     package consisting of seven modules for comprehensive manipulation and
     conversion of STL and IGES files. DeskArtes, Oy , based in Finland,
     is a recognized leader in software development for rapid prototyping
     and industrial design. DeskArtes - North America, a division of NEST
     Technologies, is responsible for marketing, sales, and technical
     support of Rapid Tools software in the U.S. and Canada. NEST
     Technologies specializes in technology products for enhancing the
     benefits of rapid prototyping for product design, prototype
     development, tooling, and low volume manufacturing. Worldwide support
     of the RapidShell Software Module will be provided by DeskArtes' local
     support agents.
     DTM Corporation develops, manufactures and markets the Sinterstation
     family of rapid prototyping products for application in the growing
     rapid manufacturing marketplace. DTM has an exclusive worldwide
     license to Selective Laser Sintering technology. The company's
     products are sold, serviced, and supported directly through DTM in
     North America and in Europe through DTM GmbH (Germany), a wholly-owned
     subsidiary, as well as agents located in various European countries.
     DTM products are also available through an extensive network of
     international agents and distributors throughout the Pacific Rim and
     South America.
     DTM(TM), RapidTool(TM), SandForm(TM), TrueForm(TM), ProtoForm(TM),
     Sinterstation(R), and SLS(R) are trademarks and registered trademarks
     of DTM Corporation. Somos(R) is a registered trademark of E.I. du
     Pont de Nemours and Company
     c DTM Corporation
     All rights reserved
     For More Information:
     DTM Corporation: Mr. Kent Nutt, Marketing Communications Manager
        Tel: (512) 339-2922, Fax: (512) 832-6753
     DeskArtes, Oy: Dr. Charles Woodward, Managing Director
        Tel: 358-9-644-335, Fax: 358-9-644-330
     DeskArtes - North America Mr. Michael Tsenter, Vice President
        Tel: (818) 761-6500

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