Minimum thickness of CT/MRI data

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Date: Thu Jul 10 1997 - 19:14:15 EEST

Hi, RP'ers

I'm working and researching on the medical RP model using CT or MRI data.
Generally, we take a set of CT/MRI slice data with a thickness of 5 mm in
our medical center.
I wonder if the number of CT/MRI data is enough to reconstruct the surface
model or STL data.
You know, because of the maximum permissible exposure to radiation or
something, we cannot take a thinner slice of MRI/CT data for a patient.
I need your advice or experiences of surface/STL reconstruction job using
MRI/CT data.

Thanks in advance.

Junghoon Hur
Ph.D Candidate
CAD Lab. Dept. of Mechanical Design & Production Engineering
Seoul National University, San 56-1
Shilimdong, Kwanakgu,
Seoul, 151-742, Korea

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