Re: animation/modelling programs

Date: Fri Jul 11 1997 - 05:52:06 EEST

do you (or anyone else in the group) have any suggestions regarding animation modelling programs? i'm used to working in computervision cadds5 which has parametric modelling. i recently read a review of electricimage broadcaster $3000, and lightwave ($2000) as the best 2 for the mac, with broadcaster 2.8 being the best. its modeller now has NURBS and booleans. i've tried PC and mac paint programs, but compared to CAD they seem really clumsy to use (just not intuitive to me). i'm really hoping the animation programs aren't the same way. commands such as "rotate entity copy az 30 number 12..." and translate entity copy distance 12 number 10..." etc. just don't seem to exist in the art programs...everything i've seen is free digged in, maybe to a grid.

mike doty

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