Re: animation/modelling programs

Date: Fri Jul 11 1997 - 08:34:40 EEST

sorry-i was using CAD jargon-"free digged" is where you just position your cursor somewhere on the screen and click, as opposed to entering explicit coordinates or selecting a geometric feature (i.e. end, middle, origin, center, vertex etc. of existing geometry). CAD programs will let you snap free digged points to a grid, as do paint programs, but i avoid it, and all free digging when possible.

thanks for the info on the animation programs. i'm checking out student versions to try them out. by the way, is 3d studio MAX the same as autodesks's 3d studio?

> ...everything i've seen is free digged
> in, maybe to a grid.

>This is what I didn't understand.

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