stereo photography reverse engineering

From: Ron Jamieson (
Date: Fri Jul 11 1997 - 19:25:10 EEST

A colleague and I have just finished reverse engineering a cast of a
human with data extracted from a stereo image. This was not new to me
in that I am aware of CT and MRI scans. But its been an interesting
exercise and one that I cant help feeling has more to offer. For
instance, the recent request to Reverse engineer an mri of a bone?
Would a photograph be cheaper? A Solid flexible object that moves can
be hard to scan by any method but a multi shot stereo photo can
freeze and reproduce that moment!

I could be wrong but I cant help feeling that there is a unique
market for this kind of service. Any comments?

p.s. we reverse engineered into pro/E but any good cad package would
do it.



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