(Fwd) 3DPRO/2mp Graphics Accelerator for Pro/E

From: Yakov Horenstein (yakov@planet.it)
Date: Tue Jul 15 1997 - 02:56:17 EEST

>(MITSUBISHI) Pro/ENGINEER Users Get Turbo Charged By Mitsubishi's
> 3DPRO/2mp Graphics Accelerator; Parametric Technology's
> Certification Program Assures 3DPro Customers Compatibility and
> Support With Leading CAD Solution

> SUNNYVALE, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--July 14, 1997--Mitsubishi
> Electronics America, Inc. today announced its 3DPro(TM)/2mp
> reference board and drivers successfully completed the tests used
> by Parametric Technology to certify hardware compatibility with
> Pro/ENGINEER(R) CAD software.
> To OEMs of 3DPro/2mp, this seal of approval guarantees that the
> graphics accelerator chipset and reference drivers are fully
> compliant with Pro/ENGINEER, enabling a powerful hardware and
> software solution for computer-aided designers.
> The 3DPro/2mp reference board, and Velocity ICD OpenGL(R)
> reference drivers -- developed by Evans & Sutherland Computer
> Corporation, both successfully completed testing for use with
> release 18 of Pro/ENGINEER running on Windows NT(R) version 4.0.
> As a benefit of passing the tests, OEMs gain the confidence of
> knowing they have a chipset in their products that is Pro/ENGINEER
> compliant.
> "We allow leading hardware companies to perform their own
> testing in advance, using the same requirements found in the
> official certification. This enables hardware developers to work
> out compatibility issues before they come to us for final
> certification," said Glenn Sinclair, hardware partner manager for
> Parametric Technology.
> About the 3DPro/2mp chipset
> The 3DPro/2mp chipset delivers 32-bit true color, double-
> buffered 3D graphics at pixel resolutions of up to 1280 x 1024, and
> processing of up to 2 million polygons per second with a fill rate
> of up to 60 million pixels per second (Gouraud shaded, anti-
> aliased, z-buffered, transparent, blended and perspective-
> corrected, bilinear MIP mapped textures).

> Key components of the 3DPro/2mp chipset include the
> REALimage(R) graphics accelerator technology developed by Evans &
> Sutherland Computer Corporation (http://www.es.com) and Mitsubishi
> Electric Corporation's 3D-RAM frame buffer memory and Cached DRAM
> texture memory technologies.
> The 3DPro/2mp chipset supports numerous 3D features: Gouraud
> shading, fog, transparency, anti-aliasing, perspective-correct
> bilinear and trilinear MIP mapping, overlay planes, alpha blending,
> depth cueing, lighting, stenciling, scissoring and window clipping.
> The chipset also supports video features: 30 fps hardware and
> software MPEG support, YUV/RGB color space conversion, scaling and
> perspective calculations. Available drivers for the chipset
> support the Windows NT and Windows(R) 95 operating systems, and
> OpenGL, Heidi(TM) and Direct3D(TM) application programming
> interfaces.
> Availability
> The chipset is available for end-users in the AccelECLIPSE(R)
> professional graphics accelerator from AccelGraphics Inc.
> (http://www.accelgraphics.com), and the Fire GL 4000 professional
> graphics accelerator from Diamond Multimedia Systems Inc.
> (http://www.diamondmm.com).

> CONTACT: Mitsubishi Electronics America Inc.
> John Garner, 408/774-3191
> jgarner@msm.mea.com
> or
> KVO Public Relations
> Paul Karr, 415/919-2026
> pkarr@kvo.com

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