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Date: Tue Jul 15 1997 - 02:55:34 EEST

>(BRUSH-WELLMAN/PATENT)(BW) Brush Wellman Receives Aluminum Beryllium
> Investment Casting Patent

> CLEVELAND--(BUSINESS WIRE)--July 14, 1997--Brush Wellman Inc.
> (NYSE-BW) today announced that it has received a patent for
> investment casting of aluminum beryllium alloys. The patent, US
> 5,642,773, entitled "Aluminum Alloys Containing Beryllium and the
> Investment Casting of Such Alloys" was issued on July 1, 1997. The
> use of investment cast aluminum beryllium components is growing in
> aerospace, robotics, defense, and a variety of other high-
> performance applications.
> The issue of this patent closely follows others related to
> aluminum beryllium alloys, applications and processing. Patent No.
> 5,551,997, entitled "Beryllium-containing Alloys of Aluminum and
> Semi-solid Processing of Such Alloys" and No. 5,578,146 entitled
> "Aluminum Beryllium Alloys Having High Stiffness and Low Thermal
> Expansion for Memory Devices" were issued in September 1996 and
> November 1996, respectively.
> Brush Wellman Inc., with headquarters in Cleveland, Ohio, is a
> manufacturer of engineered materials. The Company and its
> subsidiaries supply worldwide markets with Beryllium Products,
> Alloy Products, Ceramic Products, Precious Metal Products, and
> Engineered Material Systems.

> CONTACT: Brush Wellman Inc.
> Timothy J. Reid, 216/383-6835
> http://www.brushwellman.com

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