Stratasys FDM 1650

From: interact (
Date: Tue Jul 15 1997 - 03:49:52 EEST

Hi all,
Again we have a problem with our FDM 1650 Machine, it decided to stop on
Sunday 13th July and we have not been able to move the head or table since.
The stop button is flashing continuously and can't be turned off, we have
tried and reloaded software,reloaded materials and reset machine.We
contacted our supplier here in Australia on the Monday but the only person
who new anything about the machine was away sick, upon finding this out we
proceeded to send an E-mail to Stratasys, and low and behold we recieved no
E-mail back which we are not surprised about as they have not answered our
previous E-mails. The support and backup for these machines seems Far less
than perfect. Our company is currently looking into a further machine and
have been concidering the FDM 8000 but we now fgeel that it would not be
the way to go.
If anyone out there can help us with our problem it would be greatly
and also if anyone has a wiring diagram that they could send. Due to our
current workload it has become extremely urgent as we have 4 weeks backlog
of work.

To say I am very disappointed with the tech side is an understatement


John Croft
Interact Plastic Services Pty Ltd
Suite 3/98 Morang Road
Hawthorn,Victoria 3122, Australia

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