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Date: Tue Jul 15 1997 - 07:41:52 EEST


All true. This is however a great way to kill some dialog on various topics! I frankly could care less if I get "sloppy" email as long as it covers topics that I have an interest in. Several folks would rather NOT submit thoughts on some of the topics for fear of getting nic picked to death! We are after all human!


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At 17:20 +0100 14/7/97, George Sachs wrote:

>Is it too much to ask of us Engineers, Researchers, Consultants, or other
>PROFESSIONALS, that when we forward messages to this list they are at least
>somewhat in keeping with grammatically correct English!

Shouldn't you have a question mark there at the end of the sentence,
George? %;-))) Oversight. eh?

How brave you are! I have often felt like writing the exact same thing, but
always chickened out. Frankly, I am astounded by the sloppiness and
imprecision of a lot of the language used on Internet, not only on rp-ml.
Here at Promau we think twice before dealing with a supplier whose
communications contain errors of spelling or grammar. During basic training
in the army the officers used to tell us that we could only have one
shirtbutton open (the top one), and would always punish us if two were
open. We 18 year-olds had a hard time accepting that following this rule
would save our lives in war, but this is the way it was presented: if
you're sloppy about buttoning your shirt, you'll also be sloppy about
cleaning your gun, which will jam when you need to use it. Thirty years
later, I don't think that is so off-the-wall, and the general idea can be
applied to other fields. Whoever wishes can see the parallel to what we're

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