Watertight and/or Airtight Part STL Files; Grammar-correctness

From: Ronclemons@aol.com
Date: Tue Jul 15 1997 - 17:34:12 EEST

Hi folks, I am looking for .stl files that model parts designed to hold water
and/or air. Specifically, we have a customer who would like for us to build
a prototype in DuPont Somos* 201 for SLS* and see if we can make it
watertight and airtight. A bladder-like part would be ideal.

Incidentally, we were one of the first companies to take on DTM's new
elastomeric material, and we have had mixed results. We still have not
resolved every issue, but we have built a variety of parts successfully, and
we are developing new post processing techniques to enhance the surface
finish, general appearance and functional performance. I think that it is
only a matter of time before the remaining "kinks" are worked out.

Lastly, and unrelated to the above, my Mom is an education professor with
extensive English schooling and training, and she can nit-pick the grammar of
my e-mails and letters to death. Honestly, I, like most of you, are way too
busy to run to the dictionary each time I wonder about the spelling of a
word, or to ponder the most grammatically correct way to write a sentence. I
do try to proof most of my e-mails, but undoubtedly some errors do get past
me. Too, many of the rpml-rs are using English as a second language and
cannot reasonably be expected to send lovely, flowing poetic dissertations.

To borrow from a colleague and to quote Rodney King in my best Texas-speak,
"Gawldang, caint we-awl joost git uhlawng?" Ainít none of us perfect, ya

Please forward all of your criticisms, corrections and comments (Is that
alliteration or assonance?) for the betterment of my e-mail communication
skills to me at your leisure. And, thanks to anyone who can help me to find
.stl files for watertight and/or airtight parts.

Ron Clemons
Dir. of Marketing
Harvest Technologies

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