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Date: Tue Jul 15 1997 - 18:20:11 EEST

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Dear Waltteri and List,
        Here are some URLs for some RP web pages. Your first stop on the web
should definitely be the geocities web page, which is a phenomenal source of
industry information.

-Bjorn DeBear
Argonne National Laboratory
Date: 7/15/97 6:59 AM
To: Bjorn DeBear
From: Waltteri Karhusaari

I'm currently enrolled in the HSE MBA Program in Mikkeli and the course I'm
taking at the moment is Managing New Product Development. My group is doing
a project on Rapid Prototyping and we'd appreciate any assistance on where
to find information about the topic (preferably on the Net - we don't have
very good libraries here in Mikkeli). I already subscribed to your mailing
list, but if you have any other sources of info you could recommend to us,
we'd appreciate it greatly. Our aim is to write a technology white paper on
Rapid Prototyping and to hold a "training session" for our classmates to
try and tell them "what is Rapid Prototyping". The paper and the training
session are due on next Wednesday (July 23rd) so there is a little rush on
our part (that's what you get for taking the courses in three week
modules...). Anyhow, thank you in advance for your assistance.

Best regards,
Waltteri Karhusaari


Yrjonkatu 14 B 17
50100 Mikkeli
tel: +358-400-615058


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