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From: Atif Mehmet Yardimci (
Date: Tue Jul 15 1997 - 20:31:36 EEST

On Tue, 15 Jul 1997, Cooper, Ken wrote:

> On a PC, if you are using the "print ssbutton.pc" command structure the
> only way I have seen to tell if there is communication is that it takes
> several minutes to complete the process. If you type "print" and enter
> immediately after entering the "print ssbutton.pc", it should show up in
> the print queue. If not, you may have a bad connection.
> Ken Cooper
> NASA Rapid Prototyping

I don't know whether the communications are disabled when STOP light
is blinking, but the following helped us to check the communication from a
windows running pc to the 1650:

. Run the 'Terminal' software in the accessories group
. Communications settings should be:
     Baud : 9600
     Data Bits : 7
     Stop Bits : 1
     Parity : Even
     Flow Control : Hardware
     Connector : (The relevant port)
     Parity Radio Button : On
     Carrier Detect Button : Off
. Type 'OA' at the terminal screen, 1650 should send the current
  x-y coordinates of the head in microsteps. An 'OZ' would send the
  the z-stage coordinate.


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