Re: judgment time

From: Elaine Hunt (
Date: Tue Jul 15 1997 - 21:15:49 EEST

George Sachs wrote...
>With all due respect, as a person representing (maybe indirectly) an
>institution of "higher" learning, I don't think the acceptance of a dumbing
>down of our society (with the help of technology all the more!) is something
>I think the educators at Clemson would condone. Mistakes are excusable
>(always) but defending sloppyness and condoning mediocrity (particularly
>within a professional context or as a member of SME) is not consistent with
>the notion of striving for excellance and global leadership. When many

My opinions are my own...not Clemson's nor SME's.....and your opinions are
your own and I consider where they originated....and their worth. Thanks
for educating me and the RP world.....


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