Re: "Proper English" by some vs. communicating by all

Date: Tue Jul 15 1997 - 21:35:24 EEST

We would all be better off to drop English as an international language and replace it Esperanto, not just in this forum, but in scientific and technological discussion everywhere. english is a very poor, irrational language (i.e. "kluged together, or should that be kloojed). it is inconsistent in spelling and pronunciation. differently spelled words are pronounced the same. it is context dependent. it has gender bias. it is, in general, very difficult to learn. learning to spell in english requires rote memorization rather than being rule based, like german or spanish.

esperanto, on the other hand, has rational spelling and syntax and is phonetic. also, using it as a universal language would eliminate the cultural bias towards any existing cultures in objective discussions (a linguistic neutral ground for all to share). it would also be very amenable to voice operated computing and programming since it is less context dependent.

mike doty

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