RE: Sloppiness & excellence

From: Karl R. Denton (
Date: Wed Jul 16 1997 - 00:57:36 EEST

To all,

I never realized that my misspellings would cause such an up-rising amongst the group! To all of you that have the time or personnel to check and double check every email message sent out my hats of to you, although I think you should loosen up a bit. This mailing list is not some board room at a major corporation, it is a medium that allows us to exchange ideas and thoughts. I, as it happens, have trouble telling my fingers my thoughts. Will I make an attempt to change this? Other then finding out why the spelling checker died on my machine NO! Will I stop submitting to this mailing list NO! If you are having trouble reading my note(s) then STOP reading them! I am amazed at the amount of time that has been diverted on this subject, and although frustrated I have to remember that is what makes the Internet great.

Now, could we get on with life and the debate on the "concept modeler" issue???


From: Elaine Hunt[]
Sent: Tuesday, July 15, 1997 3:18 PM
Subject: Sloppiness & excellence

Amused in Austin wrote......
> Elaine,
> You were quite merciful in not pointing out Mr. Sachs two spelling
> errors:
> >Mistakes are excusable (always) but defending sloppyness (SLOPPINESS)
> >striving for excellance (EXCELLENCE)

not any more.....has no mercy will be shown no mercy....

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