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(INFINITE-MACHINES)(IMCI) Infinite Machines Corp. Announces Dr. Paul
  Jacobs Joins Company as Vice President of Technology

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        WARWICK, R.I.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--July 16, 1997--

        "World Leader in Rapid Prototyping" to head Engineering and
             R&D efforts for Infinite's ExpressTool division

      Infinite Machines Corp. (NASDAQ:IMCI), today announced that
  Paul Jacobs, Ph.D., has joined the company as Vice President of
  Technology. Dr. Jacobs' primary responsibilities will be focused
  on the Engineering and R&D efforts at ExpressTool, a division of
  Infinite that utilizes proprietary rapid tooling technology to
  produce high-quality molds suitable for long-run manufacture.

      Dr. Jacobs began his distinguished career at Xerox-Electro-
  Optical Systems (EOS) in 1965 as a senior scientist. In 1975, Dr.
  Jacobs was promoted to Principal Scientist at Xerox EOS and headed
  the R&D effort on the Multiple Integrated Laser Engagement
  Simulator (MILES) project, an infrared laser-battlefield tactical
  training system that was credited by the U.S. Army with saving many
  lives in the Persian Gulf War. In 1980, Dr. Jacobs led the
  development and testing of the Currency Authentication &
  Recognition System (CARS) for the Federal Reserve System and the
  U.S. Bureau of Engraving and Printing. This system is now employed
  by the United States as a major deterrent to counterfeiting. Dr.
  Jacobs was named Chief Scientist for Xerox EOS in 1984. In 1989,
  he was named Director of R&D at 3D Systems, leading many of the
  advances in stereolithography while establishing the theoretical
  basis of the technology. He is the author of two books on rapid
  prototyping and manufacturing (RP&M), including the first text
  published in the field, and has also written some 120 technical
  articles and holds 15 patents.

      "Dr. Paul Jacobs is widely known as a 'world leader in rapid
  prototyping,' and we are honored to welcome him to Infinite," said
  Clifford Brockmyre, President of Infinite Machines Corp. "Paul's
  knowledge, unique insight, and years of experience in industry will
  be utilized as ExpressTool emerges as a leader of the potential
  multi-billion dollar rapid tooling industry."

      Added Paul Jacobs, "I look forward to joining Infinite and
  being a part of the important opportunity that ExpressTool offers
  manufacturing. Today, tooling is by far the biggest hurdle facing
  manufacturers, since it involves long lead times and significant
  costs. Product life cycles are decreasing every year and new
  products simply take too long to develop, primarily due to the time
  required to fabricate tooling. There is a critical need to get
  products to market much more quickly and cost-effectively. The
  company that can find a way to do that will reap the benefits, and
  I believe that ExpressTool can be that company. What we are really
  selling is time."

      Dr. Jacobs is also Adjoint Professor of Engineering and Applied
  Science at Clemson University and has taught courses in RP&M at
  UCLA and the University of California at Irvine. He is the
  recipient of both the 1977 and 1985 Xerox Technical Achievement
  Awards, and was appointed to the Board of Governors of the Graduate
  School of Princeton University from 1979 to 1983, where he also
  received his doctorate in 1966.

      Infinite Machines Corp. is an industry leader in the areas of
  laser material processing, advanced manufacturing methods, and
  laser-applications technology.


      CONTACT: Jon Siegal Clifford Brockmyre

                Ronald Trahan Associates, Inc. Infinite Machines

                  617-332-0101, ext. 15 401-737-7900

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