3-D Printing

From: Kevin Robertson (kevin@arrk.com)
Date: Thu Jul 17 1997 - 04:53:50 EEST

I apologize in advance, as this is not an issue directly related to grammar.
My recent posting regarding the adaptation of RP by larger companies
generated some interesting responses. It seemed that most opinions
referenced the Xerox machine or the PC to draw parallel comparisons to Desk
Top Modelling or 3-D Printing.

If this is the case, won't 3-D printing require the same massive
improvements as these other technologies to see wide adaptation by major
corporations? If that is the case, I see this almost being a Star Trek type
instrument that can create a holographic image or part directly from the Cad
model almost instantaneously. Is this how far into the future some of you
are speculating on the acceptance of a 3-D printer? It seems the responses
and discussion varied from those who were looking for slight modifications
and improvements in existing technology, to those who saw quantum leaps in
the technology.

I'm more interested in what the industry sees in the immediate future with
slight improvement in the technology, otherwise we might end up with a
discussion of the realities of teleportation. Maybe in our discussions we
could put some reference to time frame or level of expectations, so we are
making equal comparisons. It appeared the opinions could be split between
the so-called realists and the so-called dreamers. It is not to say that
either are right, but it would be nice to see a blending of the two.

If you have already posted an answer you feel covers this, my apologies. For
some reason I had to delete about 130 messages today and may have thrown the
cat out with the trash.


Kevin Robertson
ARRK Creative Network
San Diego, CA USA

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