3d printing

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Date: Thu Jul 17 1997 - 08:01:30 EEST

Kevin Robertson wrote:
> If this is the case, won't 3-D printing require the same massive
> improvements as these other technologies to see wide adaptation by major
> corporations?


I don't think so. For example additive paper devices. It has been proven
by Kira in Japan with their Solid Center that a knife is an effective
means of forming layers. Well, one need not look very far for knife
cutters. They abound in the sign industry, ranging in price from
$2000-$8000 US. A particularly good one that I've looked at is the Allen
Datagraph 20" that retails for around $3000. (Have you seen the Schroff
Development co's site?) With some efficient means of adding layer to
layer(there are a few patents out there that deal with this) and proper
volume, these machines can be cost effective, simple and easy to
maintain. In one of the keynote adresses to a European conference on RP,
Terry Wohlers quotes Al Hastbacka on some figures about what it would
take to produce the sanders machines at a retail price of $15,000.

>It seems the responses
> and discussion varied from those who were looking for slight modifications
> and improvements in existing technology, to those who saw quantum leaps in
> the technology.

The above scenario seems to be a group of slight modifications and


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