Re: Catia Iges files

From: Robert Gologranc (
Date: Thu Jul 17 1997 - 10:10:00 EEST

> We are trying to download a catia file to cadkey97 using iges, but this
> does work, must be incompatibility in the translators.
> Would it be possible to output a catia stl file to cadkey, as this seems
> to be a more stable form for this process?
> Are there any other routes to try?

The Catia IGES file most likley contains surface data. The IGES
translator found in the standard Cadkey 97 is only used for curve
data, ie wireframe. For surface data in an IGES file to be translated
into Cadkey 97 you will need a third party product called FastSURF.
This has a good robust set of tools for manipulating surfaces
including the translator.

As for the STL file into Cadkey 97, again FastSURF is capable of
reading and writing of STL files.

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