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For SL 5410, can anyone confirm the need to use solvent to clean the parts
prior to post curing in PCA??

If there is a need for solvent, with the higher humidity resistance claimed
for this material, can water be used for final rinsing of solvent before
post curing??

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Subject: New Resin from 3D Systems
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>3D Systems Unveils New, Faster Resin; SL 5410 Increases Part-Building
> Throughput
> VALENCIA, Calif., July 11 /PRNewswire/ - 3D Systems Corporation
> (Nasdaq-NNM: TDSC) today announced the commercial availability of
> Cibatool(R)SL 5410, the first of a new generation of epoxy resins
> designed for rapid-building of plastic parts.
> Optimized for higher throughput, humidity resistance, accuracy
> and robustness, SL 5410 is part of a comprehensive effort underway
> at 3D Systems to further expand the range of stereolithography
> applications to its user community.
> "Our resin development program is designed to provide users
> with faster, more productive resins that offer greater dimensional
> stability and measurable cost-savings. With its significant
> improvement in part throughput, SL 5410 can substantially reduce
> the cost per part," said Jenine McQuaid, SLA Product Manager.
> Designed for the SLA(TM)-500, SL 5410 features improvements in
> long-term dimensional stability and twice the strength retention of
> SL 5180 when exposed to elevated temperature and high humidity
> environments. Parts built in SL 5410 are virtually unaffected by
> small amounts of water in the liquid resin. Even with an ambient
> humidity level of 85%, the photoreactivity of the resin and build
> parameters remained unchanged. The end result is parts that are
> less likely to distort during transportation.
> Surface smoothness plays a significant role in measuring the
> quality of parts produced in the stereolithography process for
> rapid prototyping. With SL 5410's ability to produce smooth
> sidewalls, less part finishing is needed in secondary processes,
> thus speeding the process and improving accuracy in the final part.
> "The higher dimensional accuracy of SL 5410 makes it ideal for
> investment casting applications where tight tolerances are
> critical. The result of an extensive, one year testing program, SL
> 5410 is one of a continuous stream of new products customers will
> see from us in the future," advised Ed Clark, Market Director,
> Rapid Modeling Group, Ciba Specialty Chemical Corporation. Ciba is
> a strategic partner to 3D Systems in resin development.
> Under 3D Systems' Resin Upgrade Program, any customer currently
> using SL 5154 or SL 5180 may upgrade to SL 5410 at a 75% discount
> off the purchase price of a full, new vat.
> 3D Systems Corporation develops, manufactures and markets [...]

> SOURCE 3D Systems Corporation
> -0- 07/11/97
> /CONTACT: Jenine McQuaid, SLA Products Manager, 805-295-5600,
> Ext. 2239;
> or Carolyn Smith, 818-852-8840, both for 3D Systems Corporation/
> (TDSC)

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