Re: stereo photography reverse engineering

From: Ron Jamieson (
Date: Thu Jul 17 1997 - 16:35:10 EEST

> from flat photos to stls? are you serious?
> how did the curved surfaces turn out?

Perfectly, We had to get it right as we worked on a full size model
which is to be fabricated 10 times full size. That is 20 metres high,
( about 65' high). The model will produce all the engineering data
the fabricator needs and since its a controversial piece of art to be
mounted here in the north east of England, the artist had to approve.
If you mean how are the curves so good, well you take enough points
and use a b-spline or a polynomial to pass close to the points. At
this scale we are not looking for extreme accuracy but the system is
quoted to an accuracy of .03mm (.001''). However, we think we got
.4mm (.016'') and this is because our system is not automatic so
errors occur were surfaces slope steeply. There are also problems with
surface texture but these can be overcome.



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