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From: Ron Jamieson (
Date: Thu Jul 17 1997 - 18:30:53 EEST


We have a 3D FE electro magnetic and heat transfer programme. It
has an adaptive mesh which helps when solving magnetic flux problems.
However, like many none commercial programmes developed within
Universities, it has trouble in getting the initial 3D data in the
correct format etc. I suggested fairly early on that adopting a
format such as the STL would allow access to the software from any
number of 3D CAD packages. We have now done this and are getting
consistent results. A number of problems had to be solved on the way
and I knew that solving them with pro/e output did not mean they
would all necessarily disappear. I now need stl output from a range of
solid modelers to see if we have a system that works well.

I now need volunteers who use systems other than pro/e and who
could supply stl output to some simple designs I will send.

Thanks in advance



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