Re: 3-D Printing

From: Kevin Robertson (
Date: Thu Jul 17 1997 - 19:45:04 EEST

>Please . .. give the people who are looking past this today's prices and
>shortcomings a break.
> the posting carefully.

I'm not trivializing or citing a negative opinion towards any of the
"visionaries". It would just be nice to get some benchmark or reference
point to generalized predictions and statements. Suppose someone posted a
question regarding the recent Mars probe and the frequency of future trips
to Mars. It would be very easy to make broad comparisons to the invention of
the rocket or airplane, or even teleportation.

The intent of the posting was to get some clarification on how we propose to
get to that point. I happen to be a very pragmatic thinker and would like to
see a progression of how 3-D technology will progress from point A to point
b. I do have a very strong appreciation for the "visionaries", who make
"point B" and stretch our imaginations.

We have enough problems with correct grammar, please do not make the leap to
passing judgement about the editorial intent of a posting. Otherwise we get
these ridiculous flame wars and non RP discussions occupying our time. This
reply is to just clarify the intentions of the posting and explain my position.


Kevin Robertson
ARRK-San Diego, CA USA

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