July 1997 in the Rapid Prototyping Report

From: Geoff Smith-Moritz (rpreport@cadcamnet.com)
Date: Thu Jul 17 1997 - 22:08:56 EEST

This Month in the Rapid Prototyping Report -- July 1997

**3D Systems signs definitive agreement to purchase a 75.1 percent share of
the German rapid prototyping equipment manufacturer EOS. EOS makes both
stereolithography and laser-sintering equipment. To date, EOS has sold 125
rapid prototyping systems and has an annual revenue of approximately $20

**Materials Update -- In three tables, we list the physical and process
properties of the most popular materials for stereolithography, selective
laser sintering, fused deposition modeling, solid ground curing, 3D
plotting, multi-jet modeling, and laminated object manufacturing.

**Actua upgrades -- 3D Systems announces software upgrades for its Actua
office modeler, as well as a new material that it claims is as much as ten
times tougher than its previous material.

**SOMOS 7100 -- DuPont announces the first of a new line of
stereolithography resins.

**Titanium for rapid prototyping -- Utah's Lone Peak Engineering is awarded
a DARPA grant to develop titanium-based materials for both laminated object
manufacturing and fused deposition modeling.

**New book by Dr. Kevin McAloon -- Rapid Prototyping: A Unique Approach to
Diagnosis and Planning of Medical Procedures.

**CAD notes -- Dassault to acquire SolidWorks.

**Call for papers -- SME's Rapid Prototyping and Manufacturing '98.

**Business news
          -Soligen sells DSPC machine to Specific Surface Corporation of
          -Stratasys announces first-quarter financial results and
second-quarter predictions.

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