Re: Adding Texture to the Surface of an STL file

From: Haeseong J. Jee (지해성) (
Date: Fri Jul 18 1997 - 05:29:24 EEST

Dear Mr. Hastbacka,

Your basic problem was exactly what I had when I develop a software code
for designing texture on STL file since any analytical method on STL model
is virtually impossible.

As I published on the paper in SFF Symposium 96, I have used an analytical
surface instead STL. What I mean is to approximate the STL model with an
analytical surface obviously including an discrepancy, and we do execute
the texture design right on this surface. After the design, however, we
project all texture features back to the STL model itself, which removes
the previous problem of discrepancy.

I suggest you to refer to my SFF 96 Sym. paper, "Automated Design for SFF;
Surface Texture as a Case Study" for more detail. You can also contact
Prof. Ely Sachs in MIT (sachs since he is still working on the
texture design project, I guess.

Please feel free to contact me if you have more questions.


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I am with Sanders Design and Sanders Prototype. Our interest is in
being able to print surface textures with the Sanders Model Maker. I
agree with you that the STL file may get large with the addition of
textures. We can also handle HPGL and SLC files, which would reduce the
file size. The basic problem is that the basic files which I have to
work on are in the STL format.

Al Hastbacka

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