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From: Jason Lichon (
Date: Fri Jul 18 1997 - 17:08:58 EEST


There is a program call 3D Express (I think) which I have played around
with. It was designed to fill a perceived need for the creation of 3D
wireframes over which photos could be mapped (like putting
photo-realistic 3D objects in web pages, for instance). The way it
worked was you would take two pictures, offset from each other, of
each view needed to capture the objects geometry (usually four pics
altogther). Prior to taking the photos, it was necessary to mark the
objects in some fashion with dots (hopefully non-permanently). Once
your photos were digitized you would load them into 3D Express and
proceed to methodically pick out corresponding dots in corresponding
photos. The program used this information to interpolate 3D coordinates
of each point. The resulting wireframe could be output as a .dxf file
which could be mapped with the orginal photos (which would have to be
digitally retouched to remove the dots). I'm no CAD wiz, but I imagine that
you might be able to get an .stl file from all that. It would be a very
inaccurate and crude model, however (and a huge pain in the keister).

Jason Lichon
Yazaki North America

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