Re: July 1997 in the Rapid Prototyping Report

From: Leonel Graça (
Date: Fri Jul 18 1997 - 17:55:51 EEST

Geoff Smith-Moritz wrote:
> This Month in the Rapid Prototyping Report -- July 1997
> **3D Systems signs definitive agreement to purchase a 75.1 percent share of
> the German rapid prototyping equipment manufacturer EOS. EOS makes both
> stereolithography and laser-sintering equipment. To date, EOS has sold 125
> rapid prototyping systems and has an annual revenue of approximately $20
> million.

Hello world-wide-rp'ers

My information at this precise date is that They will, IF Dr. Langer
does NOT uses his pre-emptive right to purchase this stack under the
same conditions that 3D Systems accepted. To do so he has four weeks
time. Only IF he does NOT 3D Systems will be the new majority


Two weeks ago I made this question to the mailing list. None of those
that answered me made a cc to the rp-ml so I wont reveal my fonts.

Unfortunately, Therry Wholers was one of those who started an incomplete
information and did not bothered to reply to my mail or following this
subject. Sorry Terry but I had to say it.

I would rather prefer to discuss this then grammar…

You all, have a nice weekend!
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