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Date: Sat Jul 19 1997 - 09:15:21 EEST

Leonel Graša wrote:
> Geoff Smith-Moritz wrote:
> >
> > This Month in the Rapid Prototyping Report -- July 1997
> >
> > **3D Systems signs definitive agreement to purchase a 75.1 percent share of
> > the German rapid prototyping equipment manufacturer EOS. EOS makes both
> > stereolithography and laser-sintering equipment. To date, EOS has sold 125
> > rapid prototyping systems and has an annual revenue of approximately $20
> > million.
> >
> Hello world-wide-rp'ers
> My information at this precise date is that They will, IF Dr. Langer
> does NOT uses his pre-emptive right to purchase this stack under the
> same conditions that 3D Systems accepted. To do so he has four weeks
> time. Only IF he does NOT 3D Systems will be the new majority
> shareholder.
> Comments?
Hello to all,

for our company as an EOS customer ( and some other) it sounds not so
good that 3D systems gets the majority of EOS.
I see some big problems:

1. everything will get more expensive!
2. the EOS stereolithographie will break down ( i don┤t think that two
similar stereolithography machines from the "same" manufacture will stay
on the market.
3. new technologies in this field get┤s less
4. the market get very hard for 3d party companies (material,
5. A lot of people (80) working for eos. How many will the be if 3D
get┤s the majority?

So i hope Dr. Langer buys back his company and solves the problems which
improves Zeiss to sell EOS.


Charly Fruth

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